AUSTIN, Texas — The first thing Angelica D. Wilson wanted to do when she got married in July 2008 was buy herself a new hair-care product.

She bought the products in bulk and then bought the best ones.

“I just wanted to try it,” said Wilson, who has since moved to Texas.

It’s now one of her main staples, she said.

Her husband, David, is a licensed cosmetologist and uses a similar approach to his own grooming regimen.

The couple has been married for five years, but Wilson is still getting married this year.

He started out by cutting his hair in two pieces and trimming it back every few months, but now, he says, he does it every week.

And it has become a habit.

His style is classic, but he says he is trying to bring it into the 21st century.

I think we are all trying to look more sophisticated, more polished, and to look a little bit more professional, said Wilson.

If you look closely, you can see it, he said.

I don’t want to look like that.

That is what David is trying with Angelica, said David.

He has been shaving his hair, and he thinks he has gotten a better handle on his look.

This year, David started using a cream-based product called Botox.

A couple of months ago, he bought another product, a cream that he said has helped him get his hair done faster.

Diana, his first wife, has also been a fan of Botox and shaving.

She bought it for herself last year, and she said she used it for her hair for a couple of years.

But she doesn’t recommend it to others.

“You just need to be careful of your own body, especially when it comes to shaving,” she said, adding that the products can cause skin irritation.

In addition to Botox, Angelica has also tried a gel called Serum.

Angelica said she would never use the product because it’s too greasy and it is irritating her skin.

Angelica also said that she is a big fan of the creams and products made by the makeup company CoverGirl.

She also likes the products made for her by her local beauty supply store, Elsie’s.

David said he uses the products for his own hair but he thinks it can be a little difficult to find.

For one thing, they are all made of the same product, he added.

And Angelica’s own hair is curly, and David said she tends to find it more difficult to get it right.

You can see why she may find it a little harder, said Angelica.

But David thinks it’s worth the effort, because Angelica believes it will make her look more professional.

So, how do you know which ones are the best?

I think you have to start by asking yourself, “How do I look?” said Angelina.

As for the products you choose, Angelina said, you need to know what your skin feels like.

Ask a dermatologist for advice, said Laura, Angelique’s sister.

Also, Angelicia’s hair, she added, is pretty fine.

When you go to the salon, ask about the shampoo.

Angelina’s hair is oily and oily is not good.

They can also recommend a hair-style that will suit your own style.

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