The most popular beauty salon furniture is back in the news after a new study showed it to be the most expensive beauty item in Australia.

The study by online furniture and beauty company Luxury Design and the Sydney Institute for Architecture, Architecture and Urban Design found chairs that are “an integral part of the home, in the home itself, and in the environment are a key asset of the modern consumer”.LUXURY DESIGN’S STUDY IN THE WOODS: WHAT THEY DID, WHAT THEY SAID: ‘TRAVERSE’ STUDY: A BRONZE PLACE TO BE”The chair is a fundamental element of a contemporary home, not just in terms of aesthetic, but also the function of the chair in terms the way in which the chair sits, the space that it occupies,” says Luxury Designer and Founder, Paul Ayliffe.

“The fact that it’s an integral part, not only of the furniture but also in the design, the fit and finish of the product, is one of the things that makes it an integral piece of a home.”LUXURE DESIGN CEO Paul AYLIFFE says the study is a “tragic irony” that has “dramatically” changed the way the chair is designed.

“This study is just another example of the fact that in Australia, the chair, or the furniture in general, is becoming increasingly less attractive, less useful and less relevant,” he says.

“People want to move into more traditional, more functional spaces, but are concerned about their physical health.”

The study was conducted in the months leading up to Christmas and asked participants whether they would pay $15,000 or more for the chair that is the most aesthetically appealing, or $100,000 for the cheapest, according to Luxury Designs.

“For a family of four, the $500,000 price tag would put us on par with the cost of a mid-range luxury sofa, which is $1,000 more expensive than a similar sofa in Australia,” Mr Ayliff says.

The results showed the most popular chair was the “traverse” chair, which has been described as “one of the most functional chairs ever made”.

The Traverse chair was popular in the 1970s and has been popularised by furniture designer Paul Aulie in the 1990s, and is now used by some Australian brands including Zara and Victoria’s own Tango.

The most popular design was “a modern classic”.

“A modern classic chair, the traverse chair, is considered a great example of how to design a chair that has a high quality, modern look, yet is also practical,” Mr Anyliffe says.

He says the Traverse is the “one chair you can build a beautiful home around”.

“I think it’s great that we can look back and look back on the past and look forward, and not be afraid to be a modern classic.”

Mr Ayliffe says the chair’s popularity has helped make it a “natural fit” for modern Australians, including millennials, who were looking for a chair to sit in.

“A lot of millennials and millennials at the moment are looking to design their own furniture and a lot of the times they are looking for something that they can feel comfortable in and that they’re comfortable with, and that doesn’t feel cheap,” he said.

“That’s what this study is showing us that the Traverse chair, with its classic look, is really a great chair for them.”WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: The study found that a Traverse was “the most affordable chair” and was “one that can be built with minimal effort” with the help of a 3D printer.

But while this is good news for millennials, it also has “significant downsides” according to Mr Auliff, who says the chairs are “expensive” for the average homeowner.

“If you’ve got a big house, you need a lot more space for storage and to have space for all your things,” he explains.

“So the Traverse is one chair that you can easily build a house around, but it’s not cheap.”WHAT TO EXPECT: The chair is “a very versatile and elegant chair” but it is “not a luxurious chair”, according to Auliffe.

It also doesn’t come with a built-in seat, but can be “re-designed to suit a more contemporary user”.

“It’s the most versatile chair we’ve tested, it’s the cheapest chair we tested, and the most stylish chair we found,” he adds.

“It really is an elegant chair that anyone can build their own house around.”

Mr Anyliff hopes the study will lead to a more “sensible and rational” debate about the cost and function of beauty products.

“I believe that we need to be talking about the quality of the products and not just how they are designed,” he added.”We need to

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