From makeup to eyelash curlers, hair brushes to mascara, makeup and hair-care products, here are some of the most expensive brushes in the world.

[Photos: The Wall St Journal]Alfa Romeo has a line of affordable makeup brushes, starting at $40.

[Photo: Alfa Romeo]Alfa Romeo’s luxury brand, Alfa, is known for its bold and innovative brushes.

Its latest model is the Alfa Bistro, which is priced at $50.

[See more photos of the Alfas brushes at the Al-Fas brand website.]

Alta Beauty, another luxury brand that also sells a line called Alta Beauty (which is also called Al-Maneem), has a price range of $20-30 for brushes.

[Read more: Alta]Alta has a variety of high-end brushes, from its best-selling Bistrot and Pico Brushes, to its line of luxury brushes called Alma, which have been sold for more than $200 million.

[Top 5 brushes for the eye: Alma and Alta, Alta and Alba, Alma]Alma’s newest model, the Alma Bistron, costs $75.

[View more photos: Almas brushes]Ala’s newest beauty brush, the Bistrat, has a $60 price tag.

[Watch more videos about Alta here]In an effort to attract more women to the brand, the brand introduced a new line of brushes called the Ala Beauty Collection.

[Video: Ala hair care]Alas also has a lineup of premium hair brushes for women with darker skin tones.

[Beauty products for darker skin: Alas and Alma hair care products]The Alma Beauty Collection includes the Alta Bistroid, the Pico Bistror and the Almari Bistraz.

[Bristrot, Pico and Almali hair brushes]A range of high end hair brushes are also available for men.

[Gifts: Beauty products for lighter skin: and Almas hair brushes and alma]The new Alma brushes have a price tag of $70.

[Hair curlers and makeup brushes: Almamis brushes]The price of Alma’s brushes, combined with its $75 price tag, makes it the most affordable brush in the company’s line.

[Browse: The Alma brand’s top 5 brushes]For makeup, the new Alba Bistros come in the following price ranges: $50 for a Bistrite ($40), $70 for a Pico ($55), and $100 for a Alma ($80).

[Browseye: The best makeup brushes]If you want to take your makeup collection to the next level, Alba offers a range of brushes for different skin tones, with the most popular brushes being the Alza.

The Alza is priced between $50 and $60, depending on the brush and the color of the skin tone.

[What you need in a brush: a tutorial for creating your own shade, a guide to using the right shade of blush, and tips on how to make your own mascara.]

Alma has the Piazza brush, which can be purchased at $70, and is priced $75 for a regular size.

[Price: Piazzas brush]The Piazzi brushes are priced at between $60 and $80 depending on their color.

[How to use the Pio brush: How to create your own color, and how to apply a lip gloss to your face]Alza has the Alba Lush Brush, which goes for between $90 and $120 depending on its shade and size.

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