Brisbane’s newest beauty bar is coming to town on Wednesday.

The Dolly Bar & Salon is set to open on Wednesday evening, with a line of beauty products for sale in the space.

Owner and owner of Dolly, Tariq Naeem, said the new bar will offer customers the “same experiences you’ve been craving”.

“Dolly is the ultimate beauty bar, and we’re going to be bringing that experience to our customers in a new way,” he said.

“We’ve been hearing a lot of positive feedback from people and we are excited to bring that experience here.”

Customers can expect a variety of products, including moisturisers, eye creams, lip balms and eye creases.

The bar will also be able to serve as a bar for weddings, business meetings and events.

The new bar comes on the heels of a successful expansion at the same address last year.

The owners of the bar said the changes to the space and space-saving improvements were a significant milestone for the business.

“In 2016 we made a commitment to the community to have a bar that people could come in and enjoy and enjoy themselves,” Mr Naeeman said.

“We knew that it was going to take some time to get it right and this year we are finally making it happen.”

The beauty bar at Dollys is going to have the best bar and the best service we have ever seen in the city.

“Mr Naeemin said he wanted to thank the Queensland Government for helping to make the space a reality.”

It has been a really big commitment for us, and so we are really proud of that,” he added.”

What’s going to make this the best place to be in Brisbane is the commitment of the Queensland government and Queenslanders, so that we are able to keep our customers coming back and keep the community safe.

“MrNaeeman also thanked the people of Brisbane for their support.”

Dollys has a fantastic community that’s behind us and so it’s really good to have them behind us,” he explained.”

I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday and having a great time.

“The Dollies will be located at 623 Main St, Brisbane, QLD.

More information can be found on their website.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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