By Jessica DePillis | 9/20/2017 07:37:55Cathy’s Beauty Salon in downtown Chicago has a unique, quirky look that’s not only stylish but also a little quirky, if you ask Cathy.

When the barber, a retired man named Tom, opened the door to her salon last October, he didn’t expect a clientele of five to be there within a couple of days.

“I never thought that we’d have people come in, not at all,” he says.

The barber is also a huge fan of the barbershop’s signature style of the hair cut, which features a bob cut that goes from the top of the head to the tip of the chin.

“They cut our hair with scissors, and they cut it the way it is cut in our world,” Cathy says.

“So it’s a little bit of an art form.”

We have a lot of people who are not from this part of the country, but we have a bunch of people from the Midwest, and we just want to give them a little different perspective,” Tom says.

Cathy says she was introduced to barbers in her teens, but she was raised in an American family and didn’t have much in the way of personal experience.”

When I was growing up, I had to cut my hair and it was a bit of a pain,” she says.

She has never really thought about her hair as something that would be tied down and made to grow a particular way.”

You have to be open to it,” she continues. “

I don’t want to be tied to anything and feel like I have to conform to any set of rules.”

Cathy and her barber friend, Charlie, have worked at Cathy’s for two years and plan to keep doing so for a little longer.””

If you’re not open to new things, you can end up in a position where you don’t know what you’re doing.”

Cathy and her barber friend, Charlie, have worked at Cathy’s for two years and plan to keep doing so for a little longer.

“People come in and they’re very excited,” Cathy adds.

“If they can have a little fun, then it can work for them.

We’ve had people come and say, ‘Oh, this is just something you do every day,'” Charlie adds.

It’s not uncommon for barbers to see the same customers every day, so the two decided to set up shop in their own barbershops.

“It’s a great idea,” Cathy explains.

“It’s kind of a new thing for us.

It’s something we have to work through, but it’s definitely something we’re excited about.”

For more information about Cathy’s Beauty, visit or call 773-285-2399.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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