The real ‘daisy’ of India’s beauty salons

Indian beauty salon chain Dolly Madison is going all in on the new era of the supermodel, with its newest brand, Dolly, aimed at Indian women and the fashion industry.

Dolly is taking the first steps in introducing Dolly in the West, launching a beauty line that will include the Dolly Daisy and a Dolly mini.

The new line will be launched in 2017 in India, and it will have a presence across the country. 

The Dolly brand is an amalgamation of Dolly’s roots and brand name, which means it is a natural extension of the brand’s roots in India. 

Dolly Madison, a British-owned beauty brand founded in the UK in 2014, is now set to launch its brand in India to become one of the top beauty brands in the world.

Dilly has been launched in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bengaluru in the past. 

In 2016, Dollywood, the leading Indian film and TV production house, had announced the launch of Dollywood’s India-focused beauty line. 

“The new Dolly line is the result of a global collaboration between Dolly and Dollywood,” said the company. 

 “Dolly has been working with Dollywood on their new beauty line, Drolly Dolly & Dolly Dolly,” said Dolly spokeswoman Anuj Pandey.

“Dolly’s beauty line is being launched in India with a focus on women and fashion. 

A Dolly Mini will be launching in India in the coming months, along with a Drollie Dolly beauty line for men.” 

 Drolly has been launching beauty products in India for over 30 years. 

Its beauty products range from the most affordable products to high-end products, including makeup, moisturizers and lotions, which are available to purchase online. 

While Dolly has a presence in the US and Europe, it is focusing on the Indian market. 

As part of the partnership, Dilly will have products from its Dolly India business, and from Dolly USA. 

Pandey said the Drollies Drollia beauty line will include three types of products, all of which are meant for women. 

One of these is a Dollys Daisy Beauty Liquid that is a high-performance liquid that gives you a natural glow. 

Another product is Dolly Snail-O-Rama, a snail-like powder that provides hydration and is perfect for dry skin. 

And the third is Drollys Dolly Super Lash. 

According to Dolly president and chief executive Gaurav Khanna, the Dollies will have high-quality products with eco-friendly, vegan and non-GMO ingredients. 

All the products will be available in stores across the Indian markets, and the company has launched the Dilly Dolly Instagram account. 

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