Holly’s beauty salons, one of the few beauty saloons in downtown Toronto, has received criticism from residents for using the word “Beauty” as a generic name for their business.

“We’re not a saloon,” said Jessica Rene, whose husband, Daniel, opened the salon in March.

“There’s no salon.”

In fact, Rene said, she hasn’t heard the word Beauty used for her salon since the start of its existence.

“I’m a little embarrassed,” she said.

“It’s been a while.

It’s been six months.”

In a city where the word beauty has become synonymous with luxury, the name is “disturbing” to many residents.

“The word ‘beauty’ has become an insult, which is a big problem,” said Mary Ann Tylar, who lives in the same neighbourhood.

“What’s going on is we’re seeing a lot of people who have this very high-end aesthetic, and that’s not the way I look at it.”

The salon’s owner, Daniel Rene and his wife Jessica, have defended the name.

“They’re a small business, they’re small-town,” he said.

But residents of the downtown area say the name has become too “culturally specific” and that the salons “don’t have the right tone of voice.”

One resident said the name, which Rene is also in the process of revamping, is just another way to “further segregate the community” and to “not have that connection.”

“It has to stop,” said a resident, who didn’t want to be identified for fear of retribution.

“This is not a local thing.”

The Toronto Star, which broke the story on Monday, found that Holly’s was the first salon to open in the city.

Rene says the name was picked after a local resident pointed out the salon’s name.

He said the salon is a small-scale operation that uses the word ‘salon’ to differentiate it from other salons.

“My hope is to continue to be a local, small-business-focused place where people can come and hang out,” he told the Star.

“People can come to the salon, hang out and talk to other people.

That’s the goal.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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