You have to love the color blue.

It doesn’t matter what color you are, the fact that it looks so vibrant and colorful makes it a staple of the face.

And if you can’t decide which one to wear on your first day, you can probably use this little trick to make it a little easier. 

When you look at the color chart above, it looks like a rainbow.

The reason it is so bright and colorful is because blue is a natural pigment, so it can be easily absorbed into the skin.

You can use a few different ways to achieve this effect.

For example, you could spray a little blue paint on the face, apply it with a spray bottle, or use a spray paint gun.

The trick to achieving the blue effect is to apply the paint in a way that absorbs the pigment.

So, let’s get started! 

If you don’t have a spray gun, you probably already have one handy.

A spray paintgun is a little plastic paint gun that you spray on the skin and then let dry on the back of your hand.

When you’re done, you’ll have a nice bright blue paint that will help brighten up the rest of your face. 

In order to achieve the blue glow effect, you will need to create a spray pattern for the blue paint.

You will also want to create the outline of your eyes.

Paint the outline on the outside of your eyelids and make sure the paint is fully opaque, then add a thin layer of black to the top layer. 

I found it best to create an outline of my eyes with a light wash of black.

It creates a slight blur to the edges, making it easy to blend in the background of the eye. 

 When you’re ready to paint your eye, simply paint a thin line of black paint over the area. 

When your eye is done, paint a layer of the black paint on top of the white paint. 

To create the lips, use a light brush to paint a line of blue paint over your lips. 

Then, apply a thin coat of black on top, leaving a few white dots to help highlight the lips. 

 To create your eyebrows, use another light brush, paint your eyebrows and add a few black dots to highlight them. 

The next step is to create your eyeshadow. 

If you’re using a matte lipstick, use the same technique as before, but this time apply a very thin layer on top.

Then, apply the black pigment with a brush, and then lightly blend in. 

Here is how you will create your eyelashes:  Using the same exact formula as before with black and white paint, create the liner with the darkest color you can find.

Blend in a thin thin layer.

Apply a thin brush to blend into the crease of the eyelid. 

Once you’ve created the eyelashes, you are ready to create some eyebrows!

You will need a black eye pencil to do this, but you can use any other pencil you want. 

Using the dark pencil, apply two thin coats of black, and apply a black eyeliner. 

Next, add a layer to the outer corner of your eyebrow, and add another thin layer with the darkest color you found. 

Finally, apply another thin coat with the darker color, and blend in with the black eyeliners. 

Now that your eyebrows are ready, create your eye makeup! 

This is what I used for my eyes. 

Make sure that you blend in your eyes using the darker colors, and you will end up with a nice, dramatic, and natural looking effect. 

Hope this helps! 

Want more beauty tips? 

Check out these beauty tricks from the pros! 

Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to get more of my beauty tips. 

Thanks for reading! 

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