L.A. has a long history of welcoming the world’s newest beauty icons and superstars.

But while the city has seen a slew of major cosmetic companies like Dr. Martens, Revlon, and Revlon’s own, it also boasts a number of small- and medium-sized beauty businesses, like L’Oréal, that have made a name for themselves on the city’s west side.

L’Oreal was founded in 1920 and its mission is to make beauty the world wide standard and to help create a brighter future for the planet by supporting innovative, quality products.

L.E.L.A., the largest beauty salon in the city, opened its doors to the public in 2018.

The shop has more than 2,000 square feet and has been open since 1997.

The L’ORÉAL Beauty Salon in the Sunset Strip, a boutique that opened in 2019, is the largest in Los Angeles.

While the salon has a small clientele, it has been praised for its quality of service and dedication to providing the best of what L.L., L’Occitane, and L’Artisanal have to offer.

The salon also has a wide range of beauty products and accessories, including a makeup studio and a full-service hair salon.

For more on L’Ascension’s favorite beauty salons, check out the video above.

The Best L.O.P. Beauty Salon Locations in Los Angelas According to L’OAscension, there are around 40 L.P.’s and 40 L.’s in Los Angels, and you can find a full list of L.S. beauty saloms on the L’Espresso LA page.

These salons are typically located in the neighborhood around the city center, with the majority of L.’

Os being in the areas around Hollywood and Downtown.

LOS ANGELES, CA – SEPTEMBER 10: A woman cleans up in front of the L. O. P. Beauty salon in Hollywood on September 10, 2018 in Los … more LOS Angeles, CA-SEPTEMBER 09: People take photos of the Los Angeles skyline from their windows at the L-O-P Beauty salon on September 09, 2018, in Los Angles, California.

The Los Angeles area is home to a large number of beauty salom… more LAS VEGAS, NV – SEPEMBER 05: The L. L.’


Lattice is seen in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, September 05, 2018.

Las Vegas has seen more celebrity visitors than any other U.

S city during the summer of 2018.

Photographer Tyler Houlahan spent six days in Las Vegas documenting the city from a hotel-apartment balcony, a rooftop bar, and a rooftop deck.

The LA area has also seen the arrival of the Super Bowl, the return of the Summer Olympics, and many other major events.

Photographer L.T. Houlahna captured the sights and sounds of Las Vegas with a Canon S12E.

Photographer: Tyler Hulahan via Getty Images LOS ALAMOS, CA: A man holds a cup of coffee during a meeting between the LA Office of Emergency Services and the LAPES, the Los Alamos Fire Department, in this undated file photo.

LAS PALM BEACH, CA — JUNE 23: A sign on a parking lot in the Beverly Hills area of Las Palmas reads, ‘LAS PALMAS’S COOLEST COOLING DISTRICT’ on June 23, 2018…more LOS AMERICA, CA : A man stands outside the LACMA at CenturyLink Field as the sun rises over the stadium on June 22, 2018 and fans watch the Los Angls game on TV on June 21, 2018 at Centurylink Field in Seattle, Washington.

The game against the Washington Huskies was postponed.

Photographer Ryan Seacrest/Getty Images LAS ROSALTA, CA.

— June 24: A Los Angeles police officer uses a stun gun to break up a fight between two people during a protest in front a LACMEPT gas station in Los… more A Los Angelos man holds an American flag outside the Beverly Beverly Hills Hotel and Resort on June 24, 2018 after President Donald Trump criticized the local police for what he called a ‘racist’ crackdown on the black community.

Los Angeles Police Department officers are currently working with a national organization called the Association of American Law Enforcement Agencies to coordinate an effort to address issues of police brutality and bias in the Los Angeles area.

Photographer Chris Hondros/Getty images LOS MONTANA, ID – JUNE 24: Protesters hold signs in front, right, and left of the Federal Courthouse during a rally against the President Donald Trumps actions to cut the Department of Justice budget on June… more Supporters of U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley

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