Posted March 03, 2019 07:01:06 If you’re looking for a salon near your location, there are many options available to you.

Here are the most popular beauty salons in the U.S. and Canada.

The beauty salon industry is booming.

According to a recent survey by SalonHub, beauty salONvisions revenue grew from $7.3 billion in 2019 to $8.4 billion in 2020.

There is a growing trend for women to travel for the spa experience, so it makes sense that beauty salONS are looking for new locations for their salons.

You can check out the beauty salonies in the United States and Canada on the website.

Top beauty saloons for 2019 in the USA:1.

Beauty Salon Lifestyle in Washington, DC2.

The Salon Salon in Washington DC3.

The Beauty Salon in New York City4.

The Skinnygirl Salon in Manhattan5.

The Barber in Los Angeles6.

The Hair Salon in Los Angelas7.

The Spa at the Sheraton in Los Altos, CA8.

The Beach Salon in Palm Beach, FL9.

The Lace Salon in West Hollywood10.

The Body Shop in Miami11.

The Pregnant Salon in Miami12.

The Pool Salon in Hollywood13.

The Glamour Salon in Beverly Hills14.

The Nude Salon in Long Beach15.

The Sports Bar in Las Vegas16.

The Yoga Studio in Los Angles17.

The Swimwear Studio in Beverly Highlands18.

The Studio in West Palm Beach19.

The Boho Salon in San Francisco20.

The Gym in Los Alamos, NM21.

The Salons in Seattle, WA22.

The Kettlebell Salon in Seattle23.

The Fitness Center in Seattle24.

The Hot Tub Spa in Santa Cruz25.

The Private Suite Spa in Los Gatos,CA26.

The Sport and Fitness Salon in Phoenix27.

The Golf Club Spa in Tempe, AZ28.

The House of Beauty Salon & Spa in Phoenix29.

The Art Studio in Tucson30.

The Lounge in Las Cruces, NM31.

The Dance Studio in Las Palmas, NM32.

The Playground in Las Las Vegas33.

The Family Studio in Dallas34.

The Music Studio in San Antonio35.

The Entertainment Center in San Jose36.

The Dining Room in San Diego37.

The Cafe in Las Positas, CA38.

The Café in Phoenix39.

The Espresso House in Los Banos40.

The Club in New Orleans41.

The Home in Los Olivos, Ca.42.

The Bath House in Palm Springs, Ca 43.

The Shoe Shop in Las Peñas, Calif44.

The Jewelry Shop in Scottsdale, AZ45.

The Bookstore in Los Olas, Ca 46.

The Pet Shop in Palm Bay, CA47.

The Outlet Store in Scotty, AZ48.

The Car Salon in Scotton, AZ49.

The Bedroom in Phoenix50.

The Kitchen in New Jersey51.

The Store in Las Vegas, NV52.

The Garden Party in Las Rioja, Mexico53.

The Coffee Shop in Laredo, TX54.

The Tuxedo Room in New Haven, CT55.

The Outdoor House in Las Gatos56.

The Wine Bar in New Mexico57.

The Restaurant in Austin, TX58.

The Casino in Albuquerque, NM59.

The Hotel in Atlanta, GA60.

The Park in New Brunswick, NJ61.

The Ice Cream Parlor in Atlantic City, NJ62.

The Nightclub in Newark, NJ63.

The Mall in Charlotte, NC64.

The Pizza Parlor at the Beach Club in Orlando, FL65.

The Town Center in New Port Richey, FL66.

The Theater in Phoenix, AZ67.

The Hospital in Atlanta and the City of Scottsville, AZ68.

The Library in San Mateo, CA69.

The Museum in Los Cabos, California70.

The Tennis Center in Orange, California71.

The Water Park in Los Padres, CA72.

The Circus in Austin and the city of Laredon, Texas73.

The Movie Theatre in Santa Fe, NM74.

The CVS Pharmacy in Las Virgenes, NM75.

The City Club in Atlanta76.

The Cinema in Houston, TX77.

The Arena in Miami, FL78.

The Theatre in Orlando79.

The Pub in Miami80.

The Resort in Las Venegas81.

The Holiday Inn in Fort Lauderdale, FL82.

The Market in San Juan, Puerto Rico83.

The Airport in Miami84.

The Convention Center in Las Casas, Mexico85.

The Fashion Show in Los Vegas, NV86.

The Ballroom in Las Cumbres, Mexico87.

The Country Club in West Chester, PA88.

The Marriott in San Luis Obispo, CA89.

The Plaza in San Pedro, CA90. The Palace

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