Grace beauty salons, the most famous of all salons in Wales, is set to close its doors, after its new owner took over the premises last year.

The company has been in existence since the late 1970s, but recently suffered financial difficulties and was forced to lay off staff, according to the Daily Mail.

Now, it has been forced to turn its operations over to its new owners, a man named Andrew, who is also the owner of the UK’s most famous beauty salon.

The salon’s former owner, Helen Haines, was a former beauty editor at Derbyshire newspaper The Star, and was married to the late John Haine, who died in 1994.

He is believed to have inherited the property from her, according the Mirror.

Andrew has been a vocal critic of the company’s current owners, and the local news website, Welsh Times, reported that Andrew had recently purchased the land in the village of Bournemouth from his cousin for £500,000.

He had been previously a member of the local council.

The new owners had been asked to take over the business after Grace’s owners had moved to a new home in the nearby town of Caerphilly, and there were fears that the owners of the two businesses would not be able to continue running the salons as a whole.

However, despite the financial problems, Andrew has reportedly been a very active buyer of land in his new home.

In an interview with Wales Online, he said that he has a ‘fantastic’ time managing Grace beauty products, and that the company has ‘never been in the hands of a bad person’.

He said that Grace ‘never had to close’ in the past, and added: ‘We’ve always been here and we’ve always had a fantastic time.’

Grace, which opened its doors in 1954, has a long and illustrious history in Wales.

It has been run for over a century by its founder, Margaret Hainles, who had previously worked as a beauty editor for Derbys, and a former model, before becoming a famous hairstylist in the 1960s.

Grace has also featured prominently in popular culture, such as in the film The Princess Bride, which has a central theme of the character of a woman who becomes a goddess and who then kills her lover.

Its first-ever film, starring Kate Winslet, was released in 1979.

The film is set in a fictional town called Castle Rock, where the hero of the film, a young man named Tom, discovers the truth behind his past.

In the film’s closing scene, Tom and his girlfriend Jane are shown walking down a dark and stormy street.

The pair then stop and look into a house and then run towards it, where they see a woman in a maid’s uniform, who turns out to be Grace’s owner, Margaret.

‘She’s very sweet and she always made the best products and she has always been the best.

She has never been dishonest, and she’s always been honest.

And she was always very honest,’ Grace owner Margaret Hains told the BBC in 2015.

The Princess-esque story is told in the title role of the movie.

In 2017, Grace Beauty was awarded a Golden Globe nomination for best documentary, after receiving an Oscar nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Kate Winslets performance.

‘There are people who think the world is fair, and I am sure that in this business there is a lot of unfairness,’ Grace beauty director, Margaret Dyson, told the Mirror, in a statement at the time.

‘We are very lucky to have this incredible place in our country, and our customers love Grace Beauty.

We have always been committed to doing what is right for our customers and the staff.

‘If you ask us, we are all about being the best.’

The company had already been selling products in a range of skin care products, including face creams, face masks, and sunscreens, until Grace Beauty had become an international icon.

Grace was founded by Margaret Haineles, Margaret’s daughter, who was a beauty queen in the 1970s.

She and her husband, the former fashion designer and beauty icon, John Hainees, had also founded the Grace Beauty salon in Cardiff, the UK capital.

Grace Beauty is currently owned by a number of businesses and is not a private company, according a spokesperson.

However it has previously sold its own products.

‘In the late 1980s Grace Beauty, which was founded in 1954 by Margaret and John Hains, sold its skin care line, Grace Sun, to American skin care company Revlon, according an article in The Mirror.

It also sold its hair products to Revlon.

Grace also launched a line of hair care products under the Grace beauty brand in the mid-1980s, the Mirror said.

In 2015, the company had a turnover

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