A glamorous dress designed by designer Vanessa Hulshof, inspired by an “entertaining” party, is making waves online.

The dress has been trending in fashion blogs for weeks, and has been dubbed “the dress of the year.”

Hulschel, who is based in Los Angeles, told CBC News it was a tribute to a friend, who died a few years ago, and she’s inspired by the parties and the party atmosphere in the 1960s.

“There was this party that I attended and I just loved the energy,” she said.

“It was like an entertaining experience, you just wanted to get down, dance, have fun and party.”

HULSHOF’S CREATIVE TOWNSHIP: The Dress of the Year A look at some of Hulss’ latest work.

The designer says she designed the dress based on her own style, which is called “a dance party.”

The dress, which has a red trim, has a skirt that’s covered in white, pink and purple, and is embellished with flowers and other geometric shapes.

“The dress was inspired by two friends,” she explained.

“They were friends of mine from my childhood, and they were the ones that introduced me to the idea of dresses.”

Hurlshof said her inspiration for the dress came from the dance party atmosphere, which she attended in the early 1960s when she was 18.

“I think it’s really about an understanding of the joy and the wonder that was going on at that time,” she told CBC.

“My grandmother, she was so much into that.”

A post shared by Vanessa Hulschof (@vanessa_hulsch) on Oct 27, 2017 at 11:29am PDT Hulsell said the dress was originally created to be worn by a girl at a party.

It’s a simple dress with simple lace, lace details and a bodice with a simple lace trim, she said, adding that it’s also a great option for men.

“Because it’s so simple, you don’t have to have all the detail that you would want,” Hulshef said.

The inspiration for Hulsdress came from her grandmother, who was so into that time in her life that she made a dress for her granddaughter.

“So, when I saw the dress, I was like, ‘Wow, this is really beautiful.

I want to wear this,'” she said of her grandmother’s design.

“And I thought, this could be really cool.”

Hulsdof’s sister-in-law, Kate, is also a designer and she says it’s something she’s looking forward to seeing on the runway.

“She has this really wonderful sense of design,” Hulsher said.

She said the designers’ passion for fashion was inspiring to her.

“Her passion for her craft is inspiring and it’s an incredible gift,” she added.

Hulson said her grandmother was a very active member of the community, and Hulsshof is sure it’s a reflection of her.

The “dress” was inspired in part by her grandmother and has a unique lace trim.

“In the early ’60s, my grandmother, when she would visit the neighborhood, she would put flowers on her table, she’d do this dance party thing and she would go out to a restaurant or a restaurant and she’d put flowers around her table,” she recalled.

“We are so thankful that she was able to pass away in a way that she had so much influence on our lives.”

Hilsdof is now inspired by that tradition.

“When she came to see me and say hello, she had this amazing feeling,” Hlsdof said.

Hulshof said she’s planning on creating another dress that incorporates her grandmother.

“But right now, I’m working on the dress that will be inspired by her and my grandmother.

We have this incredible feeling that I’m making something special, and we’re going to get together and make it beautiful.”

Halsdress is one of a number of designer collaborations that are being made on the heels of the release of Hulsdress.

Hules dresses, a range of which has been sold at the Hulsdamat, a boutique in Toronto, are the most expensive items in the range.

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