The sun is setting in Manila, and in the shade of a palm tree.

This is the second time this week that anita beauty salon in Cebu City has come under fire for using a fake tattoo on a student, a move that is causing outrage among students.

On Wednesday, the local media reported that the owner of the salon had allegedly been forced to retract the tattoo, but she has not done so publicly.

The controversy began on Tuesday, when the Cebuanas Beauty School in Pasay City, the area where the salon is located, published a Facebook post claiming that a student had been bullied for wearing a fake skin tattoo.

“We are ashamed of the students, who are hurting because they cannot afford a tattoo and this was not done in a place where they were not told about this,” the post read.

The post said the student had not had the tattoo removed before the incident and that they did not know the school owner, who is not being named for legal reasons.

The student was then allegedly called by the school to apologize.

Anita’s owner, Carmen González, denied any wrongdoing and said she was in the process of getting the student a new tattoo.

But the students’ mother, Marisa Arreaza, told Al Jazeera that the salon was in fact using fake tattoos, a practice that is common in some parts of the country.

“We had a tattoo in the last three years, but the school said that they do not want it anymore because we don’t have the money to pay for it,” she said.

“We had to buy it and we were told that we can get it in another school.”

The issue was further complicated by a photo posted on social media showing an actual tattoo on the face of the student, who had received it for free.

The photo was also posted on an internet forum, where students have shared their experiences of being bullied for their tattoos.

Despite the controversy, Arreza said she is optimistic about the salon’s future.

“I think the school will have a new owner soon.

They have a lot of students and they are a very good business,” she told Aljeet.

“I hope they will start to reopen.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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