Hair salon in Toronto will close its door for good this summer.

The owners have been in negotiations with the city and city staff to sell their property.

“We are going to be closing down, because we cannot continue to do business with the municipality, as it is not in our best interest,” owner Susan Poulin said.

She added that her shop is the only one in the city to have undergone a health inspection since she started her business in 1997.

She said she had already spent $50,000 on her business, and she did not expect the city would agree to her closing.

The city’s health and safety commissioner has asked the city for assurances that all residents will be protected.

In a statement, the city said it was aware of the concerns and that it had been working with the owners of the salon.

“The city continues to work closely with the salon owners and community to develop a plan to ensure that the residents and businesses of the city will continue to be safe and protected,” the statement said.

Pouline said she and her partner are currently looking for a new location, and will open a hair salon in the next two to three months.

The Hair Association of Canada said that in Ontario, a number of beauty salons have closed in recent years, including a handful in Toronto.

The association has said that the closures are the result of an increase in the number of people seeking professional services from salons, and that the situation has become worse in recent months.

“A number of our members have been unable to continue to serve our clients and the community, so we’ve decided to lay off some of our current members,” said David Molnar, president of the association.

“While we have no indication of a imminent closure of the Hair Association’s salon, we have been working closely with our community and are hopeful that we will find a suitable new location soon.”

Pouli is the fourth woman to be diagnosed with a type of cancer in Canada.

Her husband, David, has been in remission since 2011.

The couple also owns the salon where she worked for 20 years.

In 2014, Poulis was diagnosed with breast cancer, but was cleared in 2016.

She has also undergone breast surgery and had to wear a colostomy bag for two years before it was removed.

She is the oldest of three children.

“My father, grandfather, uncle and sister all worked for me, and they were all wonderful people.

They were so kind, but they died,” Poulen said.

“I’m very grateful to have all these people that supported me, but the reality is, that’s just not my life.

I have cancer, and I don’t want to have to die.”

She said the experience has made her want to make a difference for other women with cancer.

“It’s been so overwhelming, to know that you have the support of your community, that they can understand, and support you and take care of you, and take the time to care for you,” she said.

Her father passed away in March 2018.

The family said the city has not yet made a decision on whether they would seek a court order to make the salon available to the public.

The Health Ministry has said it is working with Hair Association to determine what services to offer, but that a final decision will be made after that.

“This will not be a final solution.

The province and the city are working together to explore the best way forward, and we will make decisions based on that,” said Health Minister Peter Fassbender.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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