With a new boutique, a salon and a beauty salon that caters to the new millennial generation, JCPenney is turning the corner on the beauty industry and becoming a place for people to make friends and build relationships.

The beauty salon will open at the former Beauty and Footwear Store in Midtown, and will feature a variety of services, from hair and nail treatments to body treatments, nail art, and makeup.

The new salon will also offer salon-style grooming and massages, with more than 100 different types of services including massages and nail art.

JCPenneys new beauty center will feature: A beauty salon staffed by professional stylists and beauty technicians that catERS to the needs of the new generation of millennial women and women of color. 

Beauty artists will teach classes on hair, nails, and make-up, and are offering their services in-person at the salon.

JCPens salon will be open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and will offer salon style services from manicures and pedicures to massages. 

An additional salon will house a full line of beauty products.

An additional boutique will be located in the building, with all the salon’s accessories, home decor, and other beauty products, priced at $50 per hour. 

Additionally, JC Penney Beauty Salon will offer a variety at its new location.

In addition to offering salon services, the new beauty clinic will be offering an extensive range of services to the young, affluent and well-connected.

“Our new boutique and salon-like experience will bring JCPennials newest generation to the beauty world, allowing them to build and maintain lasting relationships with their stylists, make new friends, and expand their personal and professional networks,” said Stephanie Kwan, senior vice president, JCC Brands and Consumer Products, in a statement.

There will be a wide range of products and services offered to customers, and JCPenzneys signature JCPenny-branded cosmetics, haircare and beauty accessories will also be available. 

In addition, JCEeather will be selling JCPeneather accessories and cosmetics.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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