New Zealand’s second-biggest city has been given permission to open a beauty salon and a spa in a new development which will be part of a planned mixed-use development, with the council today confirming the plan to build on the site of the former Beauty Salon, a former beauty salon which closed in 2009.

The development will be developed by a company called Wollongong Properties.

It will be a mixed-user project, with one residential and one commercial area, which will provide the new beauty salon space and the spa space.

Wollongongs development is to be located on the former site of Beauty Salon New Zealand.

It was established in 2015 and closed its doors in 2009 when the beauty salon closed.

A new beauty and wellness centre has also been set up at the site, with an adjacent hotel.

It will be designed by Kengo Aneja and will be managed by Anejo Architects.

It has been approved by the Planning Commission and will open in 2018.

The beauty salon has been closed for many years but the beauty and health centre is set to reopen in 2018, with plans to have a full range of treatments, including skin care, hair care and body treatments.

The plan to expand the site was announced this week and is now under council planning.

The site is also being used as an industrial site.

Council president, Peter Stapleton, said the city was happy to partner with the developer to bring new life to the former beauty salons property.

“The beauty salon site is an iconic site, which has been in the public domain for more than two decades.”

We’re delighted that a developer has agreed to develop this site, as it will bring new jobs and new revenue to the city.

“It is great news that we will be able to bring beauty and beauty products to our residents in the new mixed-used development,” he said.

The council is also planning to open an exhibition centre on the old beauty salon site, and will have an exhibition space for women’s hair care.

It is understood the developer will also open a spa on the property and the development will include offices, retail, a restaurant, a fitness centre and a bar.

The site was the former home of Beauty Salons in the 1980s.

The company closed its shop in 2009 and has since been redeveloped.

“When the beauty salontas closed, it was a sad day for Wellington.

There were a lot of people who felt they had to leave the area and relocate to the country, and now we’re looking to bring that same spirit of beauty and fun back to the area,” Mr Stapla said.

He said the beauty spa would also create jobs for young people and provide a place for children to learn about beauty and healthy living.

“There’s no question the beauty industry in New Zealand is a very good place to be in and we’re excited about this project,” he added.

“This project will help us provide the most accessible and affordable beauty products in New England.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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